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DiveTech UK maintains a clean safety record both for our own staff plus all peripheral personnel through the strict adherence to the current HSE and ACoPS regulations and our own safe working practices.  Health and safety is foremost in our minds and is an integral part of the planning and execution of all of our projects.

We are member of the Association of Diving Contractors and registered with the Health and Safety Executive.  We are externally audited and accredited with ADC, Achilles UVBD and Achilles verify.

DiveTech UK ensures that all of our operations are conducted in accordance with, or exceed the requirements, of all pertinent health and safety legalisation.

In addition to using HSE qualified diving teams, DiveTech UK provide additional training for our staff to help them to complete their work in a safe manor and to help with the prevention of accident and cases of work related ill health.  All equipment used during our operations is tested to the appropriate standards.


DiveTech UK are dedicated to working to standards which continue to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers and interested parties.

The Quality Policy is reviewed at the Management Quality Review, to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness, and to ensure it remains appropriate to the purpose, scale, nature and impact of the company’s activities, products, and services.

We are totally committed to meeting the requirements of the Quality Policy and to continual improvements at all levels and within all functions of the Company.

This commitment is achieved through the implementation and maintenance of our Quality Management System, which satisfies the requirements of ISO9001:2008, complies with all Regulations, Legislation and other obligations relevant to the Organisations business.

The Quality Management System is evidenced by documented procedures, Quality Objectives and results.  The Quality Management System is maintained by a system of Internal Audits, Management Reviews and independent audits by recognized bodies.


Care of the environment is central to our business and accordingly we have a duty of care to ensure that during the course of our operations we do not knowingly cause damage to the environment. We recognise that climate change is a serious long term risk and that decisions made now will affect the future. Our objective is therefore to carry out our business in such a manner as to minimise the effect on the environment whilst continuing to provide value to our customers.

This commitment is achieved through the implementation and maintenance of our Environmental Management System, which satisfies the requirements of ISO14001:2004, complies with all Regulations, Legislation and other obligations relevant to the Organisations business.

We ensure compliance with relevant Environmental Legalisation and any other requirements necessary. We endeavour to maintain an awareness to all employees of the environmental implications of their work, through communications and training we are constantly striving to improve our environmental performance and aim to meet fully our legal obligations to the environment.

Where we are involved in projects that are potentially damaging to the environment, DiveTech UK co-operate fully with clients/customers to enable them to achieve their environmental requirements.


DiveTech UK endeavour where possible to:

  • Prevent pollution to land, sea and air
  • Assess the environmental effects of all business operations by evaluation, ensuring they are as efficient as possible
  • Actively manage waste by reducing and recycling as much as possible and implementing the use of recycled materials where appropriate
  • Reduce the use of non-renewable resources and actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers. Use recycled, recyclable or sustainable materials where possible
  • Raise awareness and encourage employee participation by promoting recycling internally to our staff and externally to our customers and suppliers
  • Promote biodiversity responsibility through contributing individually and collectively to the protection of local, national and worldwide wildlife and nature to ensure other generations can enjoy its variety and richness and enhance our quality of life
  • Reduce fuel usage by cutting out unnecessary travelling, minimise toxic emissions through regular maintenance and the selection and use of its fleet and the source of its power requirement
  • Conserving natural resources through increased energy efficiency and better water management
  • Meet or exceed the Environmental Legislation that relates to the Company
  • Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors
  • Monitoring progress and review performance annually

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